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The Super-Twins are Robbie White and Nathan Deane. They believe that teenage boys can do just about anything - and they prove it!

You can read about them in the Super-Twins series of books, available from good booksellers such as Amazon, Waterstones, Bookworld, Barnes and Noble, Angus and Robertson or direct from this site, postage free anywhere in the world:
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The Expanding Family
(Raider Publishing)
The Band of Brothers (Strategic Book Publishing)
United We Stand
(Strategic Book Publishing)
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This site rated TB
(Teenage Boys only)
Sheep-free zone
(for guys who don't just follow the flock)
Ordinary boys can do extraordinary things
Read more about  Robbie, Nathan and all your favourite Super-Twins characters on-line:
School and friends
Camping and outdoors
What readers are saying about the Super-Twins books:
I think Robbie and Nathan are great. They're totally different to the kids I know because they really care about each other. I wish I had friends like them. I like the way they do stuff because they want to and don't let anyone push them around. I hope there are more SUPER-TWINS books.
- Ben (15) NSW Australia
I love these books. It's like reading a handbook for teenagers.
- Daniel (14) West Sussex England
(Super-Twins) is a great book. It's about my favourite car, the Mini LS 1275.
- Brad (14) Queensland Australia
My mates and I made Darren's damper and Nathan's stew when we went camping in the Easter holidays. The recipes are brilliant!
-David (16) Warwickshire England
Cooking and food
Keeping fit
Car detailing
Minis and Morris Minors
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