by Robbie White (aged 16)
(He's also a national sprint finalist but far too modest to mention it -Nathan)

If you've read about me in Super-Twins and The Expanding Family, you'll know that I hate competition and am not very keen on sport. I'm not all that keen on exercising just for the sake of it, either - I'd much rather be doing stuff with Nath, like talking about books, working on cars, making models or going for a bike ride. But since having surgery for a brain tumor, I know better than most kids my age how important it is to be healthy, so I force myself to do regular training. Here's some of the exercises Nath and I do each day to keep fit. Because we are both track athletes, our routine is aimed at achieving flexibility rather than big muscles. Any or all of these exercises can be used as a warm-up for a race. After we've done the exercises we run at least a kilometre, sprinting the last hundred metres at full speed. We then do training for our personal events (you could just do any physical activity you enjoy).

If you eat a reasonably healthy diet and follow our training plan five days a week, we guarantee you will be fit, healthy and never over-weight. If you're not very fit at the moment, don't try to do as much as we do. You can gradually increase your output over a period of time.


Leg Flexing

This is a good exercise to start a warm-up.
In a walking position raise one leg at a time until your heel touches your backside then thrust forward until straight.
25 on each leg per session.



You can do these with or without raising your feet. Bend forward to touch your toes. Alternatively, lock your hands behind your head and bend forward until your elbows touch the floor.
55 per session.

Half Squats

While keeping your back straight, bend your knees until you are in a half squatting position and then straighten up.
25 each session.


Squat Jumps

From a squatting position leap in the air until your legs are straight. Return to squat. Hands can be behind your head or at your sides.
25 per session.



Hold your arm at right-angles to your body and kick up with the opposite leg until your toes touch your fingers. Keep legs and arms straight.
50 per session.


Star Bends

With legs and arms straight swing your body touching opposite ankles.
50 per session


Toe Touches

With your legs straight, bend and touch toes or floor.
25 per session


Air Pedalling

Lying on your back, hips supported by hands, move your legs in a pedalling motion in the air.
100 per session


Dumbbell Press

You don't need dumbells. You can use large cans or bottles that weight about 1kg. Raise and lower both arms simultaneously.
50 per session.

Dumbbell Stretch

Hold dumbbells or any weight of about 1kg in centre of your chest. Extend your arms out to the side until straight. Return.
50 per session.


Skip Jump

You don't need a rope for this! With hands on hips, or holding an imaginary rope, jump in the air raising both heels until they touch your backside. Repeat.
30 per session

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