Robert Werry lives on Harwood Island in northern New South Wales, Australia, where he is an IT professional, teacher and farmer. He has been writing teenage fiction for several years. His previous literary works include technical articles and manuals, book reviews and study guides.

Robert has spent many years working with young people in both teaching and welfare environments. He has a particular interest in fostering the pursuit of excellence. He hopes his novels will encourage teenage boys to be responsible, adventurous, independent thinkers through the provision of strong role models. His next book, The Strength of Ten, will be the fifth book in the Super-Twins series.

Robert's interests include English literature, classic car restoration, healthy living, animal husbandry, music and cooking - passions which are reflected in his novels. He is always delighted to hear from his readers and can be e-mailed using the Contact Form on this site. He will reply personally to all correspondence.


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